Ubuntu Squid 3 SSL Support PPA

If you’re looking for squid3 with SSL support in Ubuntu, you’re in luck! There’s a PPA that is providing squid3 with SSL support compiled in. Simple run the following command to add the mojocode PPA.

More information on the mojocode PPA.


6 thoughts on “Ubuntu Squid 3 SSL Support PPA”

  1. I updated to this PPA and the proxy just seems to refuse connections now.. on Http and Httos

  2. That’s odd, do you see squid running? What happens when you run ‘ps -auxwwwf | grep squid’ or ‘netstat -anp | grep squid’

  3. I’m running Ubuntu 12.04 server LTS and added the PPA, purged my old squid3 installation then did a normal apt-get install squid3 however it doesn’t appear that the SSL-Enabled version of squid3 got installed. Do I need to do something special to force the new ppa source location?



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