Twitter Updater

I’ve done some work on the Twitter Updater plugin, and this is the page it will live on for now.

The Twitter Updater Plugin automatically updates your twitter status with the title and link when you create/edit a WordPress post. You can customize the tweet that is sent, choose the URL Shortening service you prefer. You can choose for the tweet to be generated on new posts or when you edit a post.

The original plugin was created by ‘VictoriaC’ but was then updated many times by ‘Johnathan Dingman’ as well as ‘Ingoal’. I’ve just put a page here because I keep updating it and use it regularly that I need to keep some information here.

The following is the latest version.

**NOTE*** Twitter Updater has been renamed to TweetUpdater that is being developed by myself and DefProc. It will be within the WordPress Plugin directory. Right now its only available for download through GitHub.

You can download previous versions below.

[download id=”2″]